Episode 14

Published on:

28th Dec 2021

World Class Stewardship

It’s all about saying thank you. In the world of fundraising, how you say thank you is almost as important as the thank you itself. You might think that you thank your donors for every gift and that there isn't an issue, but how do you thank your donors, to what level, and is there a wrong way to thank your donors? You would be surprised at the answer to that last question. To help with this discussion is Mark Litzler. Mark has a long, distinguished career as a fundraiser. Currently, he is in Cleveland working as the Director of Institutional Giving for The Cleveland Orchestra. Mark is also a published cartoonist. His work has appeared for years in the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Barron’s, Readers Digest, and a number of American City Business Journals.

In this episode you'll discover:

Thank your donors, big or small 02:05

What is world class stewardship? 02:26

Definition of world class stewardship 03:11

The basics of donor stewardship 04:09

Should a nonprofit have a donor stewardship procedure? 05:26

Is stewardship based on the size of the gift received? 06:06

How would you say stewardship has changed with the pandemic? 08:33

An example of stewardship with a millennial vs a baby boomer 09:57

Examples of world class stewardship from an expert 12:50

Is there a wrong way to thank a donor? 15:37

Examples of "touchpoints" in stewardship 18:00

Do donors ever thank you for the thank you? 19:24

Coaches Corner Question - "Do you have any tips for growing our fundraising income this year?" 23:42

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